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About Lionel

As a child, Lionel thought films were organic entities that just existed on their own. He believed there was no need to imagine them, write them, or make them. As he got older he never forgot his first memories, the taste of adventure; his imagination, built piece by piece. His special sensitivity always guided his work as a film and stage director.

Lionel directed major campaigns, such as Chevignon, Citroën, Peugeot, Axa, Dodge, Kronenbourg, Nestlé and Airness.

On the theater side, Lionel founded a collective based in the suburbs of Paris that gained the support of the French Ministry of Culture. He has been directing two plays a year for the last ten years.

On the fictional side, he wrote and directed several short films. His last short “Fragments of a Still Journey” has been broadcasted on Canal +, Ciné +, and all over Europe, Russia and Africa, its festival credits include Barcelona, Berlin, Brooklyn, Santiago of Chile, Clermont-Ferrand, Mexico and Los Angeles.