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Sasha Rainbow is an award winning director who has worked across multiple disciplines including film, art direction, photography and costume. Her first documentary Kofi and Lartey, set on one of the world’s biggest electronic waste dumps is currently being developed it into a feature doc. Her other short documentary Kamali, about a seven year old Indian girl breaking gender stereotypes through skateboarding, won Best Short Documentary at Raindance, Atlanta Film Festival 2019 and Best Director at The Mumbai International Short Film Festival and is now in the run up for the Oscars shortlist. Sasha is part of the BFI Network X BAFTA Crew 2019. Her Wild Beasts ‘Alpha Female’ music video featuring women skateboarding in India was shared by Tony Hawk and an interview about it with BBC World Service went viral with over 600,000 people watching it within a week. Sasha's Toyota 'Impossible' campaign was the largest in South East Asia in 2018. Sasha believes storytelling can throw light onto underrepresented communities to showcase heroic role models, which is just what the world needs.

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