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Rachid Hami is a French director. He starts his career in 2003, acting in Abdel Kechiche Game of Chance and love. In 2005 he makes his directorial debut with a 35mn movie at Angers European Film Festival, where the movie is bought by TV network Arte. He works with different directors, including Arnaud Desplechin who became his mentor. In 2008, he releases Choosing love (a movie with Leïla Bekhti and Louis Garrel) at Angers European Film Festival, the movie receive the audience award and many good reviews before to travel to many films festivals in Europe and Asia. But it’s with La Melodie (Orchestra Class) a movie with Kad Merad and non-actor kids, learning violins, that he is the better known for, opening  in official selection at Venice Films Festival, the movie travels the world from Busan International Films Festival, to New York, Bogota and many others International film festivals. At the same time he has directed many commercials.