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JB Marlin is a Paris-based director and of one the most talented filmmakers of his era. After graduating from the Louis Lumière national school, he directed two short films : La Peau Dure and La Fugue which was nominated at the Cesar 2014 for Best Short Film. Presented at Cannes 2018 Critic's week, his first feature film Shéhérazade is a major success, revealing his rough and incredibly powerful artistic talent to the international critic and audience. In this movie, somewhere between Pasolini and Scorsese, JB manages to conciliate the strength of naturalism with the best of gangster movies and to immerse the viewer in the daily life of Marseille’s urban youth. JB’s style is at the same time rough and dreamy and succeeds in injecting romance and romanticism into a harsh reality. His upcoming feature film Salem is one of the most eagerly awaited releases of summer 2024.

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