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Romain Daubeach

Etienne Perol

David Pierret

A Toast to 15 Years

World of Warcraft


Freaky Friday

Lil Dicky

Pillow Talking

Lil Dicky

American Vandal




$save Dat Money

Lil Dicky

Tony Yacenda grew up outside of Philadelphia. He earned a BA in Film from Emerson College in Boston and then headed out to Los Angeles where he currently resides. Couples of music videos he directed for Lil Dicky won awards. Most recently, “Pillow Talking” earned him a spot in Saatchi & Saatchi’s 2017 New Director’s Showcase. In 2016, “Save Dat Money” won a Webby Award. As writer/director, Tony worked with Dan Perrault and Sean Carrigan to develop several comedic shorts – the Woodhead Originals. They have been featured on the front page of sites like Funnyordie, Huffington post, Screenrant, CollegeHumor and Reddit. Tony co-produced Shark Proof, a feature film starring Jon Lovitz. He worked on final edits of the script and then worked on set as a creative co-producer. Tony as also directed several commercials and branded spots for brands. He is currently working on a Netflix Original series that he created and directed.

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