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Jean-Christophe Meurisse is a French director specialized in comedy. With a background in acting, he founded in 2005 Les Chiens de Navarre, a theatre company where he still creates plays and artistic performances. His completely off-the-wall and furiously incisive humour quickly gained recognition being acclaimed by critics and audiences alike, both in France and abroad. Jean-Christophe rapidly developed an interest in cinema and his first feature film Apnée was selected at Cannes 2016 Critic’s week. We produced his second feature through our sister company Mamma Roman : Bloody Oranges which was also selected at Cannes 2022. Jean-Christophe’s comedy style is paced by tasty, raw and hilarious scenes that gives the viewer an energetic, lucid and extremely funny picture of our troubled society. His next feature film Plastic Guns, inspired by the infamous Xavier Dupont de Ligonnès case, was also produced by our sister company and has just been presented at Cannes 2024’s Quinzaine des Cineastes.

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