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Born in Budapest and raised in Paris, Oscar-winning director László Nemes started his career as Béla Tarr’s assistant during the filming of The Man from London. In the 2000s, his short films won awards at the most prestigious international film festivals. László 's first feature film Son Of Saul stands out as a masterpiece and gained worldwide acclaim, winning the Oscar, the Golden Globe, the Bafta for Best Foreign Language Film as well as Cannes Film Festival’s Grand Prix in 2015. His films constantly seek to question the fate of our civilization immersing the viewer into specific historical periods: the hell of the concentration camps during the Second World War in Son of Saul, and the growing chaos of the Austro-Hungarian empire and Europe before World War I in Sunset. László’s style is one of the most powerful and singular of his generation. In each of his pieces, he succeeds in giving the audience a visceral experience to question the human condition and its propensity for self-destruction.

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